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Dianne Friesen — Volunteer

Dianne FriesenI am a linguist who works with SIL International. I have been volunteering for the past 3 years and have helped develop books, posters and other materials for the Mi'kmaq community.

I also work in collaboration with Cape Breton University to study Mi'kmaq grammar and discourse. I also work with the Mi'kmaq Bible translation group as they translate Bible portions and Bible stories into the Mi'kmaq language.

I used to work in Africa (with SIL) where I helped Moloko people develop a writing system for their language and make literacy materials for their community. I was involved in training a team of translators in the language.

I have been working with TLE for 2 years now. I volunteer every Monday. I work on publishing the Leveled readers (taking the translated Mi'kmaw text and putting it into the pictures) and printed out the books. I have worked on about a hundred books since I came. I collaborated with the University and TLE and Mi'kmaw summer students who interviewed 6 elders, recorded stories, transcribed and translated some of the stories, and made books from some of them - really only ALbert Marshall - and TLE made a book for WIll Basque based on the interviews. Also invented a couple of books for Liz - one with vocabulary from counting and animals, and the other with vocabulary of clothing and playing and weather.


Education is Honours Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Master of Theological Studies.

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